Deli Tray

Choose from a selection of corned beef, turkey, brisket, pastrami, and tongue. Then select your sides from an assortment of red jacket potato salad, coleslaw, and Israeli salad. Larry will slice your deli with perfection.

Served with New York barrel pickles!

Dairy Tray

Choose from a selection of turkey salad, egg salad, cucumber salad, and health salad. All trays are artfully arranged and garnished by Mr. Sheldon himself!

Fish Tray

Choose from a selection of fillet of white fish, plain or stuffed with white fish salad, hand-sliced nova, or belly lox, cream herring, plain, vegetable, and chive cream cheeses, muenster, Swiss, and American cheeses, and egg salad. All fish trays are hand sliced by Marcello and served with an assortment of authentic New York bagels! Mix and match to create a custom tray.

Sugar and Richie complete our first class catering team!

All trays are priced per person. Please call for details.